Coffee Grinder

$29.95 $59.95
  • QUIET, POWERFUL OPERATION This coffee bean grinder runs at a low noise level thanks to its 200 watt motor. It can grind up to two ounces of coffee in only 20 seconds flat.

  • FOOD GRADE MATERIALS Made from 304 stainless steel, this cold brew coffee grinder is safe for use with anything you will consume

  • SAFETY LOCK SYSTEM Keep safe with the lid activated safety switch on this stainless steel coffee grinder. The blades won’t spin unless the lid is securely on.

  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE This travel coffee grinder is small and offers a non slip surface for taking it with you anywhere

  • IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE USES Use this coffee maker grinder for nuts, coffee beans, espresso beans, spices, seeds and anything else that needs ground up.

Coffee beans that are whole provide some of the freshest tasting flavors that coffee can produce. It is often less expensive to buy whole coffee beans as well to prepare your morning coffee, but coffee beans do need to be ground down before they can be used in a coffee maker, making people wary of buying them whole.

Grind Your Perfect Cup of Coffee In Only Minutes!

With the esLife 200 Watt Portable Electric Coffee Grinder, you can get an inexpensive, coffee grinder electric machine that can do all of the work for you without you having to manually grind away at the beans, letting you enjoy fresh coffee in only minutes.

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